My aim is to provide my customers with exactly the assistance that they require, and to ensure that their needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner. Most of my services are listed below but if you do not see your requirment please contact me and I am sure I will be able to help.



IT Maintenance:

IT Assist can provide regular maintenance to your IT enviroment to keep laptops, desktops and your network updated and always working efficiently.

Computer Maintenance

Every computer can be troublesome at times, with my experience I can provide computer maintenance to keep computers updated and always running at their optimum.

Network Maintenance

I can provide a regular maintenance plan to keep your network operating smoothly and minimise the network downtime, alternatively I can assist when you encounter a issue.

Operating System Support

I provide assistance on all different types of operating systems along with onsite / offsite training for the operating systems listed below:-


Network Solutions:

I provide various network solutions ranging from a workgroup solution to a multi-location conectivity. I cater for home users and small to medium businesses. I offer the following network solutions:-

I also provide firewall solutions to keep your servers and networked PCs safe from any virus attacks.


Web Solutions:

I provide the following services to meet your website requirements:-


Application Support:

I support the following:-

I provide onsite support, remote assistance and troubleshooting for the above applications. With your permission, I can establish a secure connection to your computer via the internet and solve the problems or assist with the application. I also provide onsite and offsite training for the applications listed above.


Repaires and Upgrades:

I offer fast and high quality onsite services with repair and upgrade of hardware, software, and entire networks.

I can help with:-


Smartphones - iPads - Tablet Computers:

IT Assist understands that the latest and greatest 'smart' devices can be both exceptionally useful and also infuriating to setup and use.

In view of this I offer a 'setup & use' training session to get you started and ensure that you use the device to its full potential.

Further training and remote support can be given to ensure that you are never left with a device that are not using due to an issue.